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Siebenlist Architects Guiding Glorious Growth in Miami

WRITTEN BY: Chris Stevens
PHOTOGRAPHY BY: Siebenlist Architects

Growth unlocks exciting opportunities. Having witnessed numerous building dedications, Siebenlist Architects knows the ins and outs of construction, especially church projects. The need for more space is a blessing and the challenges that come with growth are part of the journey.

 Siebenlist Architects respect each client’s needs as if they were their own. Siebenlist’s team actually seeks out and enjoys the camaraderie of teaming up with congregations to make their construction dreams a reality.

At times the building process is not as straight forward as it seems. However, with the right expert as your partner, all bumps in the road will be smoothed out and before you know it you’ll be holding the new keys to your shining new project.

Building with a Purpose

If we build it, will they come?

Reaping the fruits of full potential requires congregations to ponder many questions during the quest for spreading the Good Word as far as possible. Growth enables church bodies to share the Word which leads to another question:

“How do we lead our church through a building campaign? Can we afford it?”

“A conscientious architect won’t allow a church to fall into or become chained to a burdensome project” says Siebenlist founder Buddy Siebenlist.

All churches have unique building needs which require a strategic process guided by a dedicated architect. Similar to the biblical “Romans Road”, building projects have a definitive sequence that allow for the best possible outcome while staying true to the personality of the congregation, its needs and mission.

 Miami Miracle in the Making

Being certified nationally with licensing in 17 states, Siebenlist Architect’s spectacular niche in church building projects caught the attention of The Tabernacle of Glory in Miami.

Directing the explosive growth of this young Church is a rising star and an incredibly dynamic leader and speaker, Pastor Gregory Toussaint.

Siebenlist has continually and successfully completed projects of all types and sizes from Albuquerque to Miami, and beyond, with recognition achieved in various publications and magazines. Even with this stellar background in building, The Tabernacle of Glory presented Buddy with the challenge of a fast growing congregation that demanded top notch construction guidance for an almost $17 million budget covering 60,000 square feet.

While other project types are taken on with equal dedication, Siebenlist shines in the church building sector with cutting edge expertise. With a seating capacity of almost 3,000, The Tabernacle of Glory space required a “going big” attitude while respecting the spirit of a close knit church family to make it all come together.

On the outside, a tall tower will encase a cascading waterfall below a flame accenting the churches “TG” initials. The rounded shell of building flows freely into terraced and partitioned side walls wrapping around toward the rear. A creatively curved and elongated eave hangs high above over the spacious main entrance and terrific transom window. With a phenomenal audio system, holograms, backlit ceiling, and top end video and lighting system, The Tabernacle of Glory ensured that everyone will remain connected during services. A 65-foot LED video wall in the Worship Center backs up the commitment that all who come will surely experience the blessings of the Lord in sound, sight, and Spirit.

Going All Out For God’s Glory

“‘The silver is mine and the gold is mine,’ declares the Lord Almighty” is posted on Tabernacle of Glory’s web site. And so it follows that The Tabernacle of Glory, in keeping with the Lord’s Great Commission, set out on a bold mission to continue promoting and spreading the gospel of Christ to their community, nation, and the world with a bold building endeavor.

Although zoning variances can be tough to get, Buddy assisted Tabernacle of Glory who was granted an increase in project size over the original permit to accommodate the blessing of expanding project scope. Specializing in church projects, Buddy ensures flexibility by developing a master plan for every project as a matter of professionalism.

As a result, Buddy declares that “Siebenlist Architects has never had to redesign or rework a project.” He also stated that “Architects must respect the budget. It’s about reputation and not hurting the church.” That mindset has been the central theme Buddy lives and works by. With 25 years under his belt exclusively designing churches Buddy explains that there is more to it than guarding the integrity of a budget. “Church expansions are not as predictable as other project types” he says. In many cases a typical architect’s work can be recognized by its style and materials. Due to the uniqueness of each and every church body, Buddy avoids “canned” and “cookie cutter” project plans thereby respecting the individuality of each congregation.

There is a higher standard that must be met in these circumstances, it’s called an accounting via transparency. Buddy ensures all church projects he oversees include all stakeholders so that costs are balanced and the well-informed decisions are made. Siebenlist Architects understand that the body of believers are investing in the Kingdom of God and as such, creatively can bring beauty without a burdensome price tag. After all, beauty is often found in simplicity.

Beyond Brick and Mortar

Buildings serve people. People make up congregations. The church body serves a higher purpose that transcends brick and mortar and thus the driving force behind any growth must reflect that core belief. As Buddy instructed, properly budgeting in advance guarantees that funds needed to “do” the ministry remain well after the church building is completed. To preserve church unity, Buddy reminds us that the church is the body of believers.

“Over 90% of church projects have many people involved. Architects must be conversant, effectively deal with committees, and keep projects moving forward all while remaining conscientious to the congregation’s goals.”

Buddy was honored to serve as the Architect Consultant to the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention, utilizing his experience in church master planning, design, construction, and development to assist the needs of many churches. Buddy has overseen $500,000 to $20,000,000 projects and understands that “plate capital” can be a limiting, yet promising, resource of growth at the same time.

As founder of Siebenlist Architects, Buddy “sees the big picture” when it comes to the vision of church project criteria while also attending to an array of details that comes with every unique project.

Begin Your Project on the Bedrock of Trust

As with every Siebenlist Architects’ project, Buddy has successfully partnered with owners and numerous other professionals on the path of expansion and new construction dreams. No matter what path you choose, the first step is establishing solid relationships – with trust as the foundational bedrock.

Great outcomes require great teams. Before embarking on a building project of your own, be sure your team consists of true experts who are up front and transparent in their dealings.

Here are a few fundamental questions Buddy has guided many clients with.

Good Questions to Ask When Planning Your Project

Would more space or renovations best fit your needs? How much growth is realistic? Will your current location suffice or is new land in the cards to accommodate development?

For your faith-based project and more, reach out to Siebenlist Architects to benefit from their many decades worth of church construction expertise, that spans master planning, design, development, acoustics and facilities management.

What’s Your Architectural Dream?
Siebenlist Architects is a full-service firm specializing in faith-based projects across the United States.

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