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ParkPlus Inc. Leads the High Density Parking and Vehicle Storage Industry With Space-Saving Custom Solutions

WRITTEN BY: Chris Stevens

Why is it that all the good parking spots always seem to be taken?

You planned ahead, beat traffic gridlock, safely arrive at your destination, and then waste precious time being forced to tour level after level of a parking garage looking for a spot – any spot, for your car. 

From a purely architectural standpoint, form follows function when precisely planning alternate vehicle parking and storage options of any magnitude.

Municipal Mayhem

On the flip side of the general public’s aggravation with searching for that coveted parking spot many architects and other industry professionals must deal with sometimes strict zoning ordinances.

Although developments in sprawling suburbs rarely present design difficulties regarding sufficient parking spaces, urban projects are an entirely different animal. Feasibility studies, best-use analysis, and zoning restrictions all direct the probability of profitability.

Congested urban areas demand strict attention to the improvement to land ratio for any given plot. As such, “Going Vertical” as they say is a necessity. All too often typical parking garage structures steal valuable real estate footprint away from a projects primary useful space. There has to be another way to cope with these complications.

Lunch and Learn

The Lift Sliding parking system is a multi-level customizable solution for storing cars in vertical and horizontal arrays.

“Holy City Parking Crunch” was a recent round-table ParkPlus sponsored and participated in with the Urban Land Institute South Carolina (ULISC). About 80 representatives from real estate development interests attended focusing on the city’s parking challenges.

ParkPlus followed up with an equally enlightening “Lunch And Learn” for 30 Charleston area architects who witnessed the marvels of ParkPlus’ parking systems. In addition to the first Double Stackers installed in the city at the Holiday Inn (situated on historic Meeting St.), another 59 of ParkPlus’ Double Stackers are now in the basement of Hotel Bennett on Marion Square – Charleston’s most prominent address.

This accommodation allows guests to never again be at a loss for convenient parking. Despite the complexities of below grade projects, ParkPlus enabled Hotel Bennett to combine aesthetics with reasonable cost while conquering the “F” word (flooding) in this coastal community.

It was only a few years ago that stacking cars in downtown Charleston was at best a novel and outlandish concept. Thanks to ParkPlus’ unique solution, creative parking is the new norm for enlightened development.

Continuing Education

ParkPlus recently announced the coming launch of an AIA Certified Continuing Education course on Sustainable High Density Parking Systems. The course is approaching completion and will be available in both an Online and Lunch and Learn format.

The course will help architects understand the different types of High Density Parking systems, Performance and Benefits and Design Considerations, Building Code & Fire Dept. The feedback received from industry professionals demonstrated the need for such a course with hundreds of architects signing up already.

Spatial Parking

Whether it be retail, office, lodging, niche commercial, or even personal, ParkPlus is at the forefront of parking solutions. Many times in architecture and development, less is more. Take the first private in-ground pit parking system as an example. This semi-automated 2 space residential car parking and storage unit includes safety sensor technology and a reinforced upper deck to match on-grade paving.

With just a push of a button, your vehicle rises forth from the ground – ready to go! Amazing…thanks to ParkPlus. From “one-and-done” to several hundred bay parking projects, there is no question that ParkPlus ensures harmony on all fronts.

Luxury residence outfitted with the Pit parking system, an in-ground multi-level stacker for storing cars below grade.

Sustainable architecture is key. By nature, efficient parking designs embrace holistic elements. Consideration extends from the end user to include all those that may be affected. Environmental resources, such as energy and water are valued and protected.

Carbon footprints are effectively reduced thus immediately benefiting neighboring tenants and businesses, the local area, and the ecosystem at large. Social well-being.

“Going vertical” in the parking and storage industry fosters convenience while enhancing safety at the same time. Theft and accidental damage is minimized. Drop off and pick-up of vehicles utilizing the “localized” concept magnifies efficiency. Financial feasibility.

Space and time are literally compressed with “silo” parking and storage solutions resulting in cost containment due to reduced operation and maintenance outflow. “Stacking” is now seen as the savior of capacity and revenues. And don’t forget coveted tax benefits.

Quad Stackers provide Mount Sinai Hospital in NYC with 108 parking spaces on only a 4,000 sq.ft. footprint.

Parking Innovations

ParkPlus’ expertise encompasses AVSRS, Car Stackers®, and display units. These patented solutions are the result after 50 years of nonstop innovation and dedication. Automated Vehicle Storage and Retrieval Systems (AVSRS) revolutionized parking.

With the backing of a global footprint, ParkPlus dominates automated and mechanical vehicle storage systems in North America. With headquarters in New Jersey, ParkPlus’ influence extends well past the NYC Metro area. Regional offices are established in the East, West and Southern United States.

World-renowned clients such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, Central Parking (SP+), Icon Parking, The Related Companies, Tishman Speyer, Snapchat, Apple, Beats Music and New York University sought out ParkPlus to execute complex projects.

Auto Dealer Spotlight

Unusually shaped garage showcases the AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) system’s ability to maximize parking capacity in a small asymmetrical space.

A stunning example of shining star marketing via storage solutions came into existence with the “Jewel Box” design. Customized to showcase vehicles, ParkPlus made this glass wall creation a reality for Mercedes Benz of Woodlands, TX. Perfectly placed on top of the dealership’s building, a featured vehicle is positioned for maximum exposure.

Of course, continuity with existing architecture is of prime importance while at the same time exhibiting vehicles for impactful advertising and shortened sales cycles (increased profits). The “Jewel Box” uniquely presents auto dealer inventory by setting a special showroom window in the sky for all to see.

Across the country in Manhattan, a ParkPlus designed a 360 space mechanical system allowing a flagship Mercedes dealer to utilize suspended platform technology for both their service and inventory departments. This “clean” full electric installation also cut maintenance costs.

Parking Projects

ParkPlus’ diverse project resume speaks for itself. Hoboken Waterfront (NJ) developers saved $1.2 million when ParkPlus’ Double Stackers eliminated the need for an extra parking deck. The mixed use project was enhanced with 124 space parking. As a bonus, the structure was hot-dipped galvanized enabling coastal climate longevity.

Unusually shaped garage showcases the AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) system’s ability to maximize parking capacity in a small asymmetrical space.[/caption]

Another first for ParkPlus involved “Triples” that allowed a client to bring in more tenants. The Los Angeles commercial office property invested in a 132 space mechanical system of Triple Stackers. All it took was the addition of pilings for this turnkey project to add value to the bottom line.

ParkPlus’ turnkey Quad Stackers provided desperately needed staff parking for Mount Sinai Hospital in East Harlem, NYC. After signing a lease and completing sections of construction the 108 space system became a true blessing. Depending on the specifications for any project, architects, development and construction professionals join forces to either secure zoning variances or assist ParkPlus in demonstrating acceptable alternatives in the form of creative parking and storage solutions.

Parking Utopia

ParkPlus quickly removes parking pain by permanently replacing it with effective solutions that directly benefit the communities they serve. Given the fact that expert project managers and architects have a hand in ParkPlus’ award-winning service it’s no surprise they turned the dread of parking into an exciting experience all in itself.

Automated and self-parking solutions provided by ParkPlus span the commercial and residential markets as well as serve private parties with spectacular and lasting results.

With the finesse of a white-gloved sommelier handling a bottle of fine wine, ParkPlus ensures their systems will always provide a secure spot for parking and storage needs. In fact, whether you’re an architect, auto dealer, real estate developer, or final-use client, the next time you hear the word “parking” a smile will spread across your face knowing that ParkPlus has a custom solution that will work for your project. 

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