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Heavenly Churches: Church of the Resurrection Rises with Stunning Design by Kluger Architects

WRITTEN BY: Chris Stevens
PHOTOGRAPHY BY: Brady Architectural Photography

With over 75 cumulative years of literally building clients’ dreams from the ground up, Kluger Architects, Inc. “Gets it”. The key to taking on any challenging type of architectural project is a pure love of the art. Over the last few decades, diligent Kluger professionals have been collaborating with committed clients – creating spectacular results.

Ideas. Goals. Realization.

Realization of a dream starts with an idea, surrounded by ambitious goals that culminate in architectural dreams coming true. Kluger delivers to its clients a unique blueprint that facilitates their one-of-a-kind goals.

In the process of architecturally transforming a client’s space, you won’t find any transactional encounters at Kluger. Their reputation speaks for itself given a plethora of lifelong client relationships built upon solid foundations.

Illuminated exterior of the Church of the Resurrection at dusk.

Do You See The Light

Church of the Resurrection (COTR), one of Kluger’s most recent clients, relied on their expertise in guiding them to the culmination of a stunningly beautiful Renaissance Mission style project – a $7 million investment.

Floating above the 16,000 sq.ft. church floor is an impressive 17 foot tall Risen Christ. Actually, this lovingly created Peruvian wooden sculpture is attached to a large cross which is part of the very structure of the church. By design, only the natural light that beams in from behind the sculpture is allowed to warmly illuminate the infused glass wall that was hand poured in Peru by the Artesanos Don Bosco.

LEED compliance is a hallmark of all Kluger’s varied project types. In the case of COTR, natural light was a necessary element and became part of the project celebration.

Even without the luxury of lead time, every project Kluger takes on deserves attention to detail. COTR’s foundational footprint was strategically positioned to take full advantage of all natural light. Interior illumination not only had to be independent, but also plays a complimentary role to the natural light.

Meticulous Sourcing In Far Off Lands

The five phase master plan of COTR (Escondido, CA) demanded attention every step of the way as one would expect for a 1,500 occupancy church with multi-purpose facilities.

Fine interior architectural finishes imported from various parts of the world adorn this 1500 seat church.

Senior Project Architect Robert Kutner stated that “As principal of Kluger Architects, Charles Kluger accompanied Father Kenneth Del Priore [COTR parish pastor] to Rome…” where the Vatican has their own special area in the majestic Carrara Marble Quarries in Northern Italy, that is specifically reserved for the Vatican and all their Catholic churches to source their own marble. Second to none, mosaics now found throughout COTR were brought back from Armenia. Artisans from around the world also provided the sculpture of Christ (Peru) with additional artistry and furnishings acquired from Italy. In fact, several paintings came from renowned artist Maurizio Rinaudo.

Once safely on-site, the up to 60lb. sections of infused glass as wells as specially selected tile were double checked for client approved color, then expertly laid in place.

Of course, this entire process involves a high degree of trust and faith in an architect professional. Nothing less than shining glory is acceptable. For a boost of confidence it helped that Charles is a member of the Catholic Facilities Managers. Also, the firm’s portfolio includes a proud history of close to two dozen religious and educational building projects.

Similar to those within a church’s congregation who possess gifted talents, Kluger selects from its own staff those that are a best fit for any particular project. Kluger professionals remain humble and are grateful they are entrusted by organizations to attend to the smallest detail in the same way church leaders prepare for their services.

True, we’re not out to recreate the world. Yet helping clients build the best holy space for their needs is a worthy aspiration indeed.

A Passion Worth Pursuing

A client’s desire to take on a project might be aesthetical, functional, or both.

In the case of COTR, it was to finally follow through with a holy home of worship after the humble beginnings of holding mass in the founding pastor’s garage. Kluger’s past renovation of another client’s high school involved listening intently to students and staff for recommendations to ensure updated facility functionality. For yet another client, they assisted in developing a lift system for cars that ultimately alleviated traffic issues, solved local parking congestion, and eliminated tons of pollution making the environment better for all of us.

Architecture is Kluger’s Passion

Naturally, such devotion is Kluger’s guiding hand with the goal of collaboratively making their clients dreams a reality. In many cases, clients have been dreaming for years until Kluger steps in, while other situations allow them to “awaken” prospective clients so they can realize their “space” solution can become a reality in short order – and in a budget friendly manner.

Over time, a few clients were surprised to discover that Kluger offers certified “green building”, fly-through animation, furniture procurement, and as built services. Better yet, Kluger is a member of the “2030 Challenge” for sustainability effort which is aimed at reduction of energy consumption.

Kluger also appreciates their veterinary, tenant improvement/upgrade, and mixed use clients who benefited from Kluger’s expert liaison, guide, designer, and coordinator services – from idea inception through project completion.

Proven History, Bright Future

Quite simply, Kluger Architects has a committed history of the realization of their client’s ideas and goals.

Sorry, if you were expecting a complicated algorithm or secret formula – there isn’t any.

Whether it is an award winning medical facility (helipad included), a school gymnasium, a church or a retail/office project, Kluger treats staff members of their clients as bona fide “Facility Managers” – not just occupiers of space.

A Labor of love requires all parties to be “all in” at all times. Think of Kluger’s professional services as an invaluable tool specially designed for you to pioneer space concepts that fit the reality of modern life. Be assured that as a full service arch firm Kluger has a deep “tool belt”, full of solutions, at your disposal.

Nothing is more satisfying than not only listening to client needs but planning, guiding, and actually overseeing the building of a unique space in which a client worships, learns, works, or simply enjoys oneself.

It’s a continuous growth cycle. When Kluger succeeds together in creating physical environments that lift client’s spirits, relationships develop which in turn support stellar reputations that sustain long term project reliability.

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