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Colorfully yours! What a great invitation to the wonderful world of color. “The sky’s the limit.” From multi million-dollar estates to the coziest corner bedroom, inspiration allows one to decorate colorfully with intention. Found nationwide and exclusively at The Home Depot, Behr paints have been coloring our world for over 70 years! Since the beginning, the Behr brand has realized that color is both a journey and a celebration.

Join us as we discover how being creative with color brings a sense of satisfaction and personal meaning to the spaces we all work, thrive, and live in. At Behr, exploring new beginnings that bring designs to life is all about being “Colorfully yours!”

A “Blueprint” for the Future of Color

It’s official, Behr unveiled their 2019 Color of the Year: Blueprint S470-5. “Much like the sketches builders rely on to bring an architectural design to life, Blueprint S470-5 lays a foundation for consumers to make their unique vision a reality,” said Erika Woelfel, Vice President of Color & Creative Services at Behr.

Influencing decor and design, Blueprint served as the foundational hue for the annual Behr 2019 Color Trends event in New York. As a mid-toned and refined blue, “Blueprint” frees professionals and Do-it-yourselfers to re-imagine design – effectively charting a new and confident course in color with a palette of 15 supporting colors. Erika also declared, “This universally appealing hue provides a steady stream of positivity and is poised to be an instant classic for years to come.” Of course, Blueprint S470-5 remains authentic standing on its own yet can anchor bolder palettes by behaving like a neutral. Adding depth and variety when paired with other colors further contributes to Blueprint’s versatility.

Resources abound at where you can “Ask an expert” about color coordination as well as take advantage of “ColorSmart by Behr®” when choosing and ordering samples or gallons of Blueprint S470-5. Best of all, Behr’s color experts provide personalized color consultations and advice on the “Colorfully Behr” blog for those eager to refresh their spaces with the Blueprint hue.

Be sure to use Behr color cards when re-imagining colors for the various spaces around you to best match the beautiful Blueprint hue with the several palettes (Monochromatic, Earth Tones, Pastels, and Jewel Tones) it serves as the foundation for them. The new BEHR PROTM Commercial Color Inspiration Cards, developed by designers and color experts, include warm and cool colors for multi-family, welcoming hues for hospitality, a spectrum of calming colors for healthcare, and dynamic hues that entice alertness, spark productivity and raise the energy levels for the commercial market.

The Universal Appeal of Blueprint S470-5

As a starting place for personalizing and transforming spaces to match your taste, the 2019 Color Trends palette offers several solutions.
Blueprint S470-5 can be utilized as a theme color inside and out. Homes and other buildings are planned with blueprints. Now you can choose to paint the entire exterior or just a door and trim with the hero hue named “Blueprint.”

For the interior, a family, living, or great room can always be updated with this blue hue that immediately offers the welcoming feeling of hospitality. You may also wish to make a connection between your kitchen and dining room with Blueprint S470-5 as either a solid supporting color or the star of the show as the main wall color.

You can even use Blueprint to transform your bathroom into paradise retreat when relaxation and the desire to unwind is your goal. Blueprint’s blue hue surrounds showers and tubs in a soothing manner.
With a spectacular supporting cast of trending colors, you can create any theme you want in any room with Blueprint S470-5. A virtual walk-through of any space will reveal at least one opportunity to refresh a room with the Blueprint hue. When you renew, do it with blue.

Strong Past, Fantastic Future

With an unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and value, Behr is known as one of the largest suppliers of paints, decorative finishes, and surface preparation products in the United States and Canada.
Behr has been meeting the coating and coloring demands of Do-it-yourselfers, architects, and design professionals since its founding in 1947. After only one short year, Otho Behr’s business outgrew the family garage, expanding in 1948 on the principle of commitment to integrity and boldly embodying the entrepreneurial spirit as its cornerstone.

Many decades later, Home Depot followed a very similar path. After being founded in 1978, Home Depot opened another location the very next year and went public by 1981. From the beginning, Home Depot created welcome waves by revolutionizing the DIY market – for the better.

Today, Home Depot is the fifth-largest private employer in the United States with about 406,000 employees at 2,200+ retail locations spanning from Canada, through the United States (including Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands and the territory of Guam), and into Mexico. 

As the world’s largest home improvement specialty retailer with sales topping $100.9 billion, Home Depot proudly and exclusively features Behr products for all your painting projects. With premium paints from Behr, such as “2019 Color of the Year” Blueprint S470-5, Home Depot has solidified its top spot and stellar reputation in the home improvement arena.

Define Your Mood with 2019 Color of the Year

From “I can’t wait to paint with this color” to “Awesome blue” and even “Blueprint blue looks just right. I love this color!” we found almost endless praise for Blueprint S470-5.

People tackling DIY projects, as well as designers and architects in search of a brilliant base color or supporting accent hue, are admiring the positive results Blueprint S470-5 consistently delivers. There’s no denying the depth and stability blue hues provide.

After all, blue is the color of our sensational skies and opulent oceans. Blue is often described as being tranquil, peaceful, secure, and full of serenity. Best of all, colors enhance our life, lift our mood, and improve the energy of a space.

Color is critical. Whether you realize it or not, that immediate feeling you get when entering a room has a lot to do with its color and its effect on the mind and body. According to color and home improvement experts, as well as focused research, the primary reason people change the color in a room is to create a new mood or feeling for that particular space.

Blueprint S470-5 has proven to be beneficial for all types of spaces whether used generously as a foundational hue or sparingly in a complementary/transitioning color role. With its distinguishing universal appeal, any space is the perfect space to splash some Blueprint S470-5 into your life.

Make a Colorful Statement

In name and color, the Blueprint hue adds character and enhances the underlying architecture of which it becomes a part of. Refreshing in nature and soothing to the soul, Blueprint S470-5 lays the foundation for a new beginning. “Good. Better. Behr.” That Behr tag line gives you the courage to show your true-blue colors and helps create the perfect ambiance in your personal space. Blueprint S470-5 grants you the freedom to show off the colorful blueprint of your style and life.

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